CRUNCH It's time for boardrooms to admit that organization culture and social impact affect the stock price. Let's look at numbers Effect: 20% higher returns to than comparable companies over a five-year period. Cause: Strong culture Source: Article by @Donald Sull @Charles Sull @Andrew Chamberlain on MIT Sloan Management Review Output: ‘52% of a 's market value. And for some companies, it can be as high as 90%’ Input: ‘A company’s intangible assets, which include talent and culture’ Source: EY article, May 2019 Strong cultures will result in 65% greater share-price increase, 15% greater employee productivity and 30% greater levels, according to Forbes article. Weak culture will negatively affect your financials, bottom line, and your customers. You may be risking almost half of your workforce if your organization culture is weak according to But what does a 'strong culture' mean? And how does it get truly embedded in the organization? I invite you to watch this clip to the end to see how things turn-out when a company with a weak culture attempts to introduce new values. Can you relate to it?